If you're frustrated with the algorithm and your organic reach...

You're our new BFF.


You want to grow your following, but you’re just starting out (or maybe you just have a small following).


I'm going to let you in on a little secret that has exploded my business over the past year.




Instagram Story Ads


What Instagram Story Ads Are: 


They are like Insta Stories, but sponsored, by you!! 


You see Insta Story ads while you’re scrolling through insta stories just like any other story- except they are paid for. 


Why Instagram ads can help you:


Insta story ads are the best and cheapest ads to be running right now to help grow your audience, get more webinar registrants, and get more followers, and make more money for your business.


Insta story ads helped me:


— Grow my instagram following over the past 12 months by 4,000 subscribers 

— make $100,000 in profit over the past 12 months 

— grow my email list by 17,000 people in less than 2 years


They are the ads I use my marketing budget on every time I launch a product, webinar, course, or bootcamp to help get more eyes on my business.


If you’ve tried Facebook or Instagram ads before but they haven’t worked for you, you’ve come to the right place. 


Get the Swipe Up Feature Automatically with Insta Story Ads


Where you can send people when they swipe up on your insta story paid ad::


  • blog to get more subscribers
  • Instagram profile to follow you
  • webinar registration page to get more sign ups
  • free guide or meal plan to get more email subscribers 
  • store to get more customers 
  • contact page to get more client leads 


Why We're Different::


Brittany comes from years of experience working with internet marketers managing over 1 million dollars in Facebook ads budget.


And we partnered up to create a course just for you — because we know you have less than $1,000/month for your advertising budget. 



Inside the Course:: 

Unit 01: Introduction To Ads -


Learn the basics and the correct tech set up process, what's a pixel, custom audience, and all the things you need to stop wasting money on boosted posts. 


Unit 02: Set up your profitable ad campaign -


Go step-by-step through the tech set up process in Facebook's Ads Manager 


Unit 03: Create Amazing Creative -


Learn how to create different types of Insta story ads that convert:  

  • 15 second selfie style videos
  • Still image animation
  • Professional video footage with text overlay

Unit 04: Quick Set Up 


Do a quick step-by-step walkthrough of the ads setup process (as a quick refresher you can revisit at any time) 


BONUS: Strategy Session


Watch Shan and her mastermind students discuss "what makes a good ad good"


BONUS - Ads Library


Learn from over 10 examples of our highest performing ads (learn what works so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel)


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